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How to buy the perfect home appliance, including how to find the best price

The home appliance you’re looking for may not be available in your area.Here’s how to buy a new one for less than you’d pay on the shelf.| Photo Credit: Getty Images.Forget the price tag.You can find it online and save even more with a comparison site called PriceWise.PriceWize lists the cheapest appliances in the US…

How to install a Home Apparatus in a Car

The following video shows you how to install an AV box in your vehicle using a variety of home appliances.You can watch the video below.This article originally appeared on New York magazine.

Why is a new TV-to-Internet adapter costing more than a new lightbulb?

Updated May 31, 2018 05:04:14Many home appliances and electronics makers have announced their plans to make the internet more affordable by offering consumers a simple and affordable way to stream content from the internet without cable or satellite service.But many companies have also been announcing their plans for new home appliances that offer more advanced…

How to fix an undercooked egg and prevent a foodborne illness

The good news is that you don’t need to be on your best behavior to avoid food poisoning.If you have symptoms of food poisoning, it can be treated with medication.Unfortunately, many people do not realize how difficult it can really be to recognize and treat food poisoning symptoms.Read on for tips on how to diagnose…

How to keep your penguin safe at home

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has released its guidelines for keeping your penguins safe.The penguins are considered vulnerable to human threats.Here are some tips for keeping them healthy.1.Know your penguINS!The penguin is a large marine bird, and is the only mammal known to breed in Antarctica.The species has not been seen since it left…

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